Sõle 23, Tallinn
Ground Floor of the Women’s Clinic
Open Mon to Fri 8 am to 3 pm
Telephone: 666 5810



By phoning the Reception Desk’s number:
+372 626 1314
By phoning: +372 666 5810

Via digital registration
Appointments are free of charge!


Cancel an appointment via digital registration or by phoning the Reception Desk’s number: +372 626 1314
Or by e-mailing:

You can wait in a queue to get a repeat prescription for contraceptive pills if you have visited our centre before. We issue repeat prescriptions for contraceptives without pre-registration on Mon to Fri from 8 am to 3 pm.
If you have not received a prescription from our centre before, it is necessary to register in advance for an appointment with a gynaecologist or a midwife.
We do not issue repeat prescriptions over the phone!

All youths up to 26 years old (included) are welcome to visit the Youth Counselling Centre, regardless of whether you have health insurance or not. It does not matter whether you turn to a docter or to a midwife – both can help you with getting medical tests. If necessary, they both can refer you to another specialist.



  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • counseling on various sexuality issues (NB! There are no sex education lectures at the reception; counseling is focused on a specific topic that needs counseling, such as close relationships, sexual identity, etc.)
  • counseling on the choice of contraceptive
  • diagnosing pregnancy, counseling
  • issuing repeat prescriptions for contraceptive
  • counseling for boys/young men. At the moment, it is not possible to have a genital examination and medical tests for boys/ young men, but they can give samples of urine and blood and get initial counseling.
  • psychological counseling
  • counseling on social issues: problems that you want to share with an adult; problems with family; lack of trust in family, constant control and threats
  • counseling in cases of sexual violence: when you need support or help after being abused or used.


    At the Youth Counselling Centre, you can be tested for different sexually transmitted diseases/viruses/bacteria.



    All of the people who work at the Youth Counselling Centre have a duty of confidentiality.
    Everything said in the Youth Counselling Centre is confidential. We will not share with your parents, your general practitioner, or anybody else any information about your problems, analyses and so on.

    Our team includes both male and female employees. It is possible to see a midwife, gynaecologist, sex therapist, social worker or a psychologist, depending on your problem or the reason for your visit.

    Our Youth Counsellors and Gynaecologists:
    Veera Sulg-Prokopenko
    Sergei Ponomarjov
    Maria Kisseljova
    Johanna Uusmaa
    Katrin Laht
    Our Youth Counsellors and Midwives:
    Kredi Raspel
    Britta Jürgenson