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Yoga helps to alleviate and prevent pregnancy-related problems. The exercises will help to reduce tension and pain in the pelvic area and to alleviate back pain. Yoga also helps in relaxing, reducing tension and calming down.

Yoga during pregnancy is an excellent way to prepare for childbirth, as the acquired breathing and moving techniques can easily be used during labour. Yoga exercises are suitable to perform from early pregnancy to the time of childbirth.

Each class lasts for 60 minutes. You can change your clothes in the dressing room that is situated next to the cloakroom and leave your personal belongings in a locker. Please dress comfortably. Our yoga mats are available for use and shoes are not necessary.

In the yoga classes with a discussion we will spend 30 minutes speaking about pregnancy and childbirth-related topics and 60 minutes performing yoga exercises.


Monday – instructor Meelike Reimer
11.30 Prenatal yoga with a discussion, 90 min
13.30 Prenatal yoga, 60 min

Wednesday – instructor Meelike Reimer
10.00 Prenatal yoga, 60 min
16.45 Prenatal yoga with a discussion, 90 min