The birth of a baby, nature’s most wondrous miracle, is a very important event for the child and the parents, as well as for the whole family. Now, it is possible to permanently capture that beautiful moment.
For this purpose, our Maternity Hospital has established a partnership with Nele Tasane, one of the top photographers in Estonia. She became the first professional photographer of newborns in Estonia, and since 2015 she has also specialised in photographing childbirths. A birth photograph can become a beautiful memory for the child and gives mothers a rare opportunity to see the birth of their child from an outside perspective. Thanks to these photos, other family members also get to be a part of the birth.
Every birth is beautiful and the artistic representation of this moment conveys its bright and beautiful emotions. If you wish to capture the moment of your baby’s birth or their first days of life, please contact the photographer.
Nele Tasane
+372 50 49 900