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We use caresses, rocking and bouncing movements accompanied by cheerful songs and poems;
We introduce the children to different musical instruments and sounds;
We dance and play age-appropriate musical games;
We hope you leave in a cheerful mood and with good musical thoughts that will make your life at home even more fun, educational and certainly more relaxed.


Each class lasts for 40 minutes. Please bring a small sheet that your baby can lie on, dress comfortably and do not worry about your singing ability. You can leave your coat in the cloakroom and your personal belongings in the locker of the small cloakroom.
Children first experience sounds inside their mother’s tummy. The mother’s heartbeats and her voice stand out from the background noises around the belly and for a baby these can become the most beautiful and intimate melody.
After birth, we continue yearning for this safe intimate place and use songs to accompany us in our everyday life. It is important that you learn to notice the natural musicality of your child and to support his or her spontaneous musical self-expression, which goes hand in hand with the development of emotional intelligence, as well as and linguistic and physical skills.



Please only bring your child to the class if he or she is healthy. If you notice symptoms of illness please cancel the registration in good time. Children who are ill are a danger to all of the children in the class.

On Thursdays (teacher Reelike)
9.30 Music class for 1-2 year old children
10.30 Music class for 1-2 year old children
11.30 Music class for 5-11 months old children
12.30 Music class for 5-11 months old children