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Sõle 23, entrance from the door of the Women’s Clinic

Telephone: +372 666 5588


Mon-Fri 9 am to 8 pm


Registering for classes


One class in English lasts for 1,5h
Price list
You can pay for the classes at the Women’s clinic reception desk;
give the receipt or card to the instructor.

Before giving birth, come and listen to various lectures delivered by specialists from the Maternity Hospital. Take part in yoga conversation groups to receive information about pregnancy, birth, your health and your child and also become acquainted with the Maternity Hospital.

Family Education classes take place in the auditorium on the ground floor or in the auditorium on the 1st floor of the Women’s Clinic (entrance from the door “Naistenõuandla”).
Ask for an information leaflet about the classes from your midwife or doctor, or at the reception desk.

We offer Family Education classes in English every other month on the following subjects:
Topics include: Prenatal signs; When you should come to the Maternity Hospital and what to bring with you; Cervical dilation, the birth of the baby and a film about the birth process; Amniotic fluid, the placenta and birthing positions.
The support person’s role during giving birth
We will discuss how the support person can help a woman in labour. We will learn how to breathe during labour, and will practice massage techniques that help to alleviate labour pains. We will also learn how to calm down a woman in labour with the help of stroking, and will watch a film about how a support person helps in the delivery room. We advise you to dress comfortably and to take part in the exercises.
Breast milk and breastfeeding
We will practice correct breastfeeding positions and techniques, and will watch a film about breastfeeding. We will also discuss: What you can do to increase your supply of milk; How to help yourself in cases of sore nipples, milk stasis and mastitis.
Taking care of a baby
Topics include: How baby senses the world (sees, hears, smells); Every day care, holding and carrying the baby; Sleeping patterns, coping with baby’s cry; Communicating with the baby, supporting their development.
Introducing Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital (free of charge)
You will be introduced to different rooms and facilities in the maternity hospital.



You can register for the classes via website For registration, please sign in via ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. If you need help when registering, please contact our administrator in the family center +372 666 5588.
You can ask for more information about family education classes from your midwife at the Maternity Hospital. Every month on the 20th day, the timetable for the next month classes will be open and you can start registering for the classes. Places in the classes become available every day, so you can register every day.
The price of the class for one person or a couple is 12€. The partner does not need to be registered for the lecture.
If the time of the class fixed in the timetable does not suit you, it is possible to order a private class for 60€. In order to do that, please contact