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Floating the baby in the bath


Water can calm babies and create positive emotions, as well as invigorating, relaxing, training and developing their body. For this reason, we have a special bathing room, where babies can be floated in water of a suitable temperature for 20 minutes, with the help of a specialist.
The instructor will encourage the parents to float their baby and help them to dive underwater. The water temperature is gradually lowered, so that it becomes invigorating and prepares the baby for the pool. Moderate changes in the temperature will help the little one to stay healthy and cheerful. You can come to the bath floating sessions soon after the birth of the child. Babies have been in the amniotic fluid for a long time and they crave water for better adaptation. Bath floating sessions are for babies who weigh less than 6 kilos. Babies who weigh more than 6 kilos are welcome to pool lessons.
Bring a towel for the baby, and swim diapers are not necessary. It is advisable for adults to bring their own flip flops, as the bathing room is situated next to the pool. Please leave your coat in the cloakroom and take your personal belongings with you to the bathing room. After floating, the baby will likely be hungry and may be fed in the same room.

Floating your baby in the pool


To ensure that the 30 minutes in the pool is fun, happy and playful for your baby, we use a minimum amount of chlorine in the water. Because we use a smaller amount of chlorine than usual, we ask the parents to wash themselves and their baby carefully before getting into the water.
Parents will float the babies on their back, side and stomach, bounce them, play with them and even duck them underwater for a moment. We practise the diving reflex, which is an innate skill – and if it does not disappear, it will help children to cope if they should fall into the water. You do not need to practise floating in the bath before floating the baby in the pool.
Water develops the muscles and these in turn improve the child’s posture. Children who are floated in water are generally more emotionally balanced, calmer and sleep better. They fall ill less often and recover faster.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the class, in order to dress and have a wash. The cleanliness of the water in the pool depends on you and your baby having a proper wash beforehand! The temperature of the water is 33 °C. The children must wear a swim diaper or trunks. After the session, you can feed your child in the recreation room.

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The daytime floating sessions are meant mainly for mothers and babies. In the evenings, we have special classes for fathers and babies where the dressing and washing rooms are entirely at their disposal.
NB! The group floating classes are meant for one parent and one child. The child must be under 2 years old.
If you want to come swimming in our pool with child or children older than 2 years, then you are welcome to choose individual/family swimming with an instructor or swimming without an instructor.

Watch the babies enjoying the pool: