When coming to the hospital to receive medical care, bring with you:
a form of identification (passport, ID card or driver’s licence)
any medicines you take every day
personal hygiene products
change of footwear
if desired, nightwear and/or bathrobe (you will be given hospital clothing in the admissions area if necessary)


The hospital has a free WiFi connection.
Use of cell phones is allowed in the hospital, but it may not interfere with equipment or disturb other patients.
Valuables you have with you may be left in the department’s safe. The hospital waives any responsibility for valuables the patient brings into the hospital room.


If you arrive for your hospital visit after 9am, we can’t guarantee that lunch will be available that day.
If you arrive before 1pm, you will be served dinner at the hospital.
During hospitalization, patients receive three meals a day.
On the day you are discharged, you will be served only breakfast.

Bed fee
The fee is 2.50 euros per day.
The fee is charged on the basis of sections 71 and 72 of the Health Insurance Act.
In the case of inpatient specialist medical care, the bed fee is charged for each calendar day that begins during the hospitalization (i.e. starting from the second day) and is capped at 10 calendar days per case.
For patients referred to West Tallinn Central Hospital to active treatment from other medical institutions, the bed fee is capped at 10 days for the stay at both facilities. The basis for the fee is a receipt issued by the referring medical institution regarding payment of bed fee.
The invoice for the bed fee is compiled in the department where the patient was treated on the morning of the patient’s discharge, before the patient leaves the department.
When the patient leaves the department, the patient is notified of the amount of the bed fee for the number of days hospitalized.


The bed fee is waived:
– for days in which the patient was in intensive care (for the purposes of the bed fee, this means a stay of at least 18 hours in the IC ward);
– for patients who undergo treatment for particularly dangerous infectious diseases (plague, cholera, yellow fever, viral haemorrhagic fevers and tuberculosis);
– for inpatient specialist medical care related to pregnancy and childbirth;
– for kidney replacement therapy patients;
– patients who receive inpatient nursing care;
– persons under the age of 18;
– caregivers for minors in intensive care;
– for provision of paid medical services;
– patients who are in a paid hospital suite;
– in the event of the death of the patient.


The invoice for bed fee is presented to the patient on his or her last day in the hospital.


The bed fee can be paid:
– in departments in the Paldiski mnt 68 hospital unit (on the spot);
– in the Gynaecology Department of the Obstetric and Gynaecological Clinic’s maternity building on Sõle 23;
– in the Infectious Diseases Clinic, Paldiski mnt 62, patient admission.


Payment is in cash or by card, and in exceptional cases, we can bill you for payment within the week. If paying by bank transfer, please specify the invoice number and patient name in the payment details. Invoices must be paid within 7 days.
The accounting department will send out reminders if the invoice is past due and the matter will be referred to a collection agency after 30 days.