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Baby massage is a gently stroking mild massage for children that stimulates blood circulation, digestion and the lymphatic and immune system, while improving muscle coordination, stimulating the central nervous system and improving the condition of the skin.
The instructor will teach the parents massage techniques in order to learn how to give their child better massages at home. You do not need a doctor’s referral to come to the massage class.  
We recommend coming to the massage classes with your baby after he or she stops assuming the foetal position, which usually happens in the second month. Massage is possible with all children who are young enough to keep still on the massage table.
Newborn babies not only enjoy, but need and long for touching and massage is the best way to do this.
We recommend bringing your own flip flops as you will have to pass by the pool to get to the massage room. Please leave your coat in the cloakroom and take your personal belongings with you to the massage room.


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