It is clear that you may be scared and confused when you’re younger than 18 and have experienced sexual violence. You may feel that you are unable to trust any stranger enough to reach out for necessary help. Nevertheless, it is important to talk about what happened and to seek for help. Think if you know of a trustworthy adult or friend who can help and accompany you when you turn to help.
You may feel that you don’t want to upset your parents and you keep what’s happened to yourself. Most parents are indeed troubled when they are informed about what happened, but they do wish to support and help their child.
When you come to the Women’s Clinic Reception at the West Tallinn Central Hospital for initial help, we assist you in coping with the situation that the sexual violence caused. You are free to decide whether you would like a doctor to examine you, or if you would benefit from other means of help. You can ask to stop the examination at any point. The doctor will explain whether you need any medication to prevent pregnancy, or testing for sexually transmitted infections, and you are free to decide whether you want the treatment and testing.
If our personnel thinks that your safety and health is in danger, it is possible to ask a social worker to assist us. Should it be necessary, you will be consulted first, and all your concerns will be taken into account.
You can also consult your nearest youth-friendly sexual health counselling centre if you have any questions related to sexual violence.