If You Have Experienced Sexual Violence During the Past 7 Days

You may be feeling scared, confused, and helpless. You may think you are unable to trust anyone and you are afraid to ask for help. Our specialized team understands and knows the effects of sexual violence and can help you.

Please do the following:

  • Go to somewhere where you feel safe and protected. In the case of an emergency, call 112!
  • If you are injured and need immediate medical help, then call 112!
  • Do not wash, do not change your clothes! For the sake of collecting forensic evidence, it is important that you do not wash yourself nor change your clothes, although it is probably something you want to do very much. When you come for help, you could bring along some fresh clothes. However, if you have already changed your clothes then keep the clothes that you were wearing during the assault unwashed (including the underwear), preferably store them in a paper bag. Come to the Women’s Clinic Reception at the West Tallinn Central Hospital as soon as possible.


    At your wish and consent, we can provide:

    Primary Counselling
    Medical Examination and Evidence Collection
    Help with Pregnancy Prevention
    STI Testing
    Assistance with Informing the Police