Natural Reactions

As a result of the rape or the attempt of rape you might experience different post-traumatic reactions. These often include fear, guilt, shame, helplessness. Sleep disorders and nausea are also common. Experienced violence and all the details could flash back from memory, in a very disturbing way. You might also experience memory disorders and forgetfulness; have trouble coping with daily errands. It is normal and natural to react to a traumatic event like this.

Don’t Be Alone

Don’t be alone, find help – invite over someone close to you, someone you trust. It is important that family or friends are near. Close ones don’t always know what kind of help and support the person needs who has experienced a traumatic event, and the matter might intimidate them as well. Therefore, please consult the experts too.


Speak and Feel

You may wish to forget everything that happened – it may unburden you for a while. However, for complete healing, you should work through all the feelings, memory flashes and thoughts connected to the incident. Talking, writing, and drawing is of help. Talk to someone about what happened, over and over again – talk even then when you’re feeling ashamed of your feelings. Creating a more orderly picture about the sexual violence for yourself helps you gain control over thoughts and feelings related to the incident. Understanding and talking about your feelings provides relief. Give your feelings some time and space. It is normal to experience sadness, irritability, disappointment, and anger. Even the most powerful feelings are normal and will pass.

Restoring Your Daily Routine

Try to follow your daily routine – it helps restore your sense of security. Try to get enough sleep, and eat well. Coping with work might be difficult. If required, ask the doctor for a certificate of incapacity for work. Allow yourself some good emotions. Do things that have helped you through difficult times in the past. Relax and rest as much as possible. Physical activeness is important as it helps your body out from the stress situation. At times, you may find the incident vague and distant – such moments help your brain to rest and gather strength.