We invite women with spontaneous excretions of urine to visit us.
During the appointment, the doctor will explain the causes of urinary incontinence and will draw up a treatment plan.


Possible causes of urinary incontinence:
Stress (i.e. effort) incontinence – that occurs due to physical exertion (uncontrollable urine excretion when lifting weights or during sneezing or coughing);
Urge (or tingling) incontinence – where urine is excreted as soon as you get the feeling that the urinary bladder is full;
Urinary incontinence that occurs due to an inflammation of the bladder;
Urinary incontinence that occurs due to a prolapse of the vaginal walls or uterus.


Other general diseases may also contribute to urinary incontinence.
Urinary incontinence may be treated with physical exercises, pharmaceuticals or by surgery.