During the appointments, you can consult the gynaecologist about:

pregnancy planning;

If necessary, the diagnosis will be specified with the help of:
An ultrasound;
An examination of the cervical cavity (hysteroscopy);
An examination of the vulva (vulvoscopy);
A detailed examination of the changes in the cervix (colposcopy);
Testing the permeability of the fallopian tubes by using a contrast agent;
Advice on the termination of a pregnancy.

We invite women of all ages to an appointment.
A referral is not necessary and your place of residence does not limit your possibility of attending an appointment.
We recommend visiting a gynaecologist once a year.

Visit a midwife for counselling on the use of contraception and for renewing a prescription.
Young people aged 15-26 (26 included) can receive advice and help from the Youth Counselling Centre (including young people in that age group who do not have insurance).
All pregnant women who wish to give birth are also welcome to attend an initial visit (when you register, please be sure to specify the reason for your visit in order to be offered a timely appointment).