If You Have Experienced Sexual Violence in The Past

It is never too late to seek help after experiencing sexual violence.

If the act of sexual violence took place over 7 days ago, it is not usually possible to collect forensic evidence material. But you might still need psychological help or STI tests.

Sexual violence is a traumatizing experience that might influence a person’s life for a very long time. Even after the initial shock passes, the experienced incident may resurface at unexpected times. You may feel isolation, self-condemnation, fear, denial. You may experience problems in sexual relations. You could have difficulties in concentrating on continuing your studies or working. These are perfectly normal reactions in your situation. If you feel that your problems are piling up and disturb your daily activities too much, seek relief and talk to someone close or a professional counsellor.

Other Means of Help in the Case of Sexual Violence

At all times
On working days
For contacting via email